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Its registered as a VarsityTeam and it has activities every week, but...
How can I tell if its really Varsity Scouting , rather than

  • an adult run activity program
  • an appendage to the Scout troop
  • a "Duty to God" activity program?
  • the Spalding Theory of Youth Leadership

15 steps for making a Varsity Scout Team go,
in an LDS Teachers Quorum
--  A quick summary of how to get a great Varsity Team going.

Forming a Varsity Team from an LDS Teachers Quorum Organization -- a straight-forward pattern for creating a Varsity Team from the Quorum organization

Want some added help in building a good Varsity program--to use all of the Varsity Scouting tools to create a dynamic and attractive program for 14-15 year olds? See The Calendaring and Program Planning Process for Varsity Scouting

Jump-Starting a Varsity Scout Organization.  Here is a strategy that has been used successfully to get a Varsity Team up and organized and ready to go in a very short time.  See also boy and adult job descriptions for the Varsity Team.

How Can We Know When We Have a Good Program?

Varsity Scouting and Venturing--
Programs of Greatest Opportunity

Mesa District Varsity Scouting --  This is a link to an excellent Varsity site, run by leaders who know the LDS Varsity program.

Aaronic Priesthood Varsity Scouting Guide--
Taylorsville Utah Central Stake