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New Scout and Parents Orientation Visit- This information is what we tried to cover to orientate a new scout and his parents to our eleven-year-old scouting program. (Matthew)

The Scoutmaster and 11-year-old Patrol

Sample 11 Year Old Scout Calendar
Out sincere thanks to Dale Ford for sending us this well thought-out calendar. He writes: "I have attached a calendar that will schedule the requirements for getting to First Class twice per year. This should allow for scouts joining in the middle of the year and still getting to First Class at some time in the year they will spend in the program. The older scouts who will repeat the requirements can help to teach the younger scouts. I have used this program for many years and find it to work well."

A clarification to this outline that we would suggest is that one Saturday outing or "day camp" be scheduled each month when no overnight camp is held.  This would be a time for hikes, orienteering, practicing cooking and other outdoor skills, bonding, enjoying nature, letting off excess energy, etc.  "What is Scouting without the Outing?"

Sample 11 Year Old Scout Calendar #2
Here is another approach to calendaring for LDS 11 year old scouts sent to us by Ray Layton, with which we are very impressed.  We heartily recommend these materials to leaders of 11 year old scout patrols. You will see that Brother Layton does an excellent job of applying standard BSA scouting methods to the organizing of 11 year old scouting, such as using themes in the calendaring and the way he structures patrol meetings: